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O2 Collaborative and agile methodological learning frameworks for promoting higher education student preparedness to enter the world of work get file

O5 Good practice recommendations on the collaborative, active learning design for integrating agile and lean industrial process experience in higher education  get file

Publications at scientific conferences

“Introducing lean and agile methodologies into engineering higher education, presented at EDOCON 2018 conference, held in Tenerife, Spain, on April 17-30, 2018. For full text please contact us.

“Uso de métodos agiles y lean en la realización de proyectos en tecnología electrónica”, LASI and eMadrid Conferences, held in Tenerife, Spain on June 13, 2018. For full text please contact us.

“Serious games for promoting agile and lean industrial practices to higher education”, presented at the INTED 2017 conference, held in Valencia, Spain, on March 7 and 8, 2017. For full text please contact us.

“Agile practices through serious games in higher education”, virtually presented at the EduLearn 2017 conference, held in Barcelona, Spain, on July 3-5, 2017. For full text please contact us.

“Serious games for understanding and practicing agile an lean design in engineering education”, OEB 2017,  December 6-8, 2017. For full presentation contact us

“Desenvolvimento de Competencias Profissionais no Ensino Superior atraves de Aprendizagem Ativa e Jogos Serios: o case Portugues” IEEE article, April 2018. For full text please contact us.

Finally, a scientific paper is being prepared for the Computing Education Practice Conference (CEP 2019), detailing how the software tools are being integrated into the second year teaching at UCLan.


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